Family Mediation Forms

Choice Family Mediation Agreement to Mediate (click here to download PDF)
Initial Client Information Form (click here to download PDF)
Child Inclusive Mediation Parental Permission Form (click here to download PDF)
Form E (click here to download PDF)

Other Sources of Information and Advice

Citizens’ Advice Bureau -
Child Maintenance Service -
Pension Advice, The Pensions Advisory Service -
Financial Advice, The Money Advice Service -
Debt Advice -
Parenting after Parting advice -
Parenting Plans - -
Domestic Abuse, Southern Domestic Abuse Service - Tel: 0330 016 5112



 For Parents

Parenting Apart Christina McGhee
The Guide for Separated Parents Karen and Nick Woodall

 For Children

Two Homes Claire Masurel
Two of Everything Babette Cole
I Don’t Want To Talk About It Jeanie Franz Ransom
The Suitcase Kid Jacqueline Wilson
It’s Not The End Of The World Judy Blume
Living with Mum, Living with Dad Melanie Walsh, Walker Books
…plus many many others